Allroad = Allrace? – The VOTEC VRC at The Traka


We’re still super happy with Marion’s victory at The Traka two weeks ago. An incredible start to what will hopefully be an eventful and successful gravel season. After reviewing the race from Marion’s eyes in the last post, we now take a look at her material. After all, she didn’t win The Traka on the VOTEC Gravelbike VRX, but on the AllRoad VRC. Reason enough to take a closer look at the bike and especially Marion’s motivation.

Photos: Moritz Sauer

Three quick questions for Marion Dziwnik on choosing the AllRoads VRC for The Traka:

Instead of the gravel bike VRX you rode the allroad VRC – why? The VRC is definitely the faster and more aggressive bike. Knowing that The Traka will be a rather fast race, I chose the VRC. I also rode the bike in the Orbit360 series last year and had a similar variety of tracks there. What is important to you when it comes to bikes? Speed and a sexy look. I think Votec does a good job of that. I also love the road bike feeling that I get on gravel with my Votec bikes. You didn’t have a repair kit with you, how did you try to avoid defects? I had a repair kit with me (sealant, tube, tire seal, tire levers, mini tool), but lost half of it on the way when my saddlebag opened by itself. From the moment I noticed that, I was naturally a little tense and rode even more concentrated. Luckily everything went well.

I crashed, lost all my tools, my shifter battery suddenly ran out, I rode through a pothole and my handlebars twisted, which I couldn’t fix without tools. Also, without a repair tool, I wasn’t allowed to make any mistakes. One mistake and I would have been out. That was extremely dramatic for me.

Marion Dziwnik

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Our allroad VRC was developed for B-Roads, but above all it was developed for riders who are looking for a direct and sporty road bike that offers detours. A bike for the curious, a bike for athletes and ambitious people. We designed it for roads, side roads and light gravel. We also use it ourselves on rougher surfaces and Marion shows how even demanding gravel races can be mastered with the VRC. Of course, a confident riding technique, sufficient fitness and a more conscious choice of lines are required here, but then the VRC offers more liveliness and a more aggressive seating position than gravel bikes, which are designed more for adventure.

Then, at the top of the last climb in the northern section, someone called out to me that Virginia was only a few minutes ahead of me. “Really now?” I thought. “She was just so far ahead of me. How cool is that? I’ll catch her!”. Suddenly my ultra-distance legs were there and I felt endless power. I rode like an animal until I caught her at about 200km… and then I continued riding like an animal.

Marion Dziwnik


Votec VRX – Gravel

  • reliable adventurer
  • comfortable and safe
  • light, robust, aluminum frame
  • more compact geometry
  • Maximum tire width: 42-622
  • Drive: 1×11

Find out more about the VRX here.

Votec VRC – Allroad

  • versatile sports bike
  • fast and lively
  • Carbon frame
  • More propulsive geometry
  • Maximum tire width: 35-622
  • Drive: 2×12

Find out more about the VRC here.

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