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Where science meets cycling – an interview with Lukas Löer from SCYENCE

From the beginning on Lukas has been a part of the VOTEC Endeavor Project. As a sports scientist he now wants to combine his job with his passion and has founded SCYENCE with partners. We talk to Lukas about the content of SCYENCE, his plans and, above all, the scientific findings and translations that he and his team will devote themselves to.


VOTEC Endeavor Project athlete Lukas at Unbound

We met up with Lukas to talk about the pitfalls of the race and, above all, the imponderables. About the different phases in a long-distance race and why the preparation and working with the material is so relevant. It was a very mixed experience for Lukas on a demanding track. The day before the race, the route was adjusted again due to severe flooding and the mud that was left behind provided unexpected challenges. But now let’s talk to Lukas Löer about the Unbound.


Allroad = Allrace? – The VOTEC VRC at The Traka

We’re still super happy with Marion’s victory at The Traka two weeks ago. An incredible start to what will hopefully be an eventful and successful gravel season. After reviewing the race from Marion’s eyes in the last post, we now take a look at her material. After all, she didn’t win The Traka on the VOTEC Gravelbike VRX, but on the AllRoad VRC. Reason enough to take a closer look at the bike and especially Marion’s motivation.