On the Orbit360 with our Super Orbiter:in Henrike

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Henrike won this year’s Super Orbiter:in challenge and with that a brand new VOTEC VRX. We asked her what motivated her to participate in the challenge, why she name her new VRX “Chickpea” and which adventures are waiting for the two of them this year.

Henrike (@henny_sclmdphd), our Super Orbiter:in for 2022, was born near Stuttgart in 1980, has four children (three of whom live in Libya), lives in a patchwork family and works full-time for an NGO in refugee aid. Part-time she is self-employed as a language mediator for Arabic and an intercultural trainer.

Photos: Votec/ Felix Reimers & Henrike

The bike for our Super Orbiter:in Henrike: the VOTEC VRX

How did you come up with the idea of participating in Super Orbiter:in challenge?

It happened super spontaneously – I’ve been following the Orbit360 account since last year when I rode my first and only Orbit with my partner and we took last place in the ranking. I saw the “Become Super Orbiter:in” post and fell in love with the bike. I then said half-seriously to my life partner that I was actually predestined to become a Super Orbiter – whoops, I had a cell phone camera in front of my nose and one thing led to another.

It’s a challenge for me to drive the orbits and I think the idea of motivating people to take part and dare is great, because last year I was really unsure whether it would be such a good idea.

For me it’s a challenge to ride the Orbits and I think the idea of ​​motivating people to take part and try it out is great, because last year I was super unsure whether it would be such a good idea for myself.

Super Orbiter:in Henrike

How did you get into gravel riding?

I was convinced to take a test ride on a racing bike (in my mind it was too fast and unsafe) and fell in love. In fact, I still had a lot of respect for the narrow tires and that’s how I ended up with a gravel bike. I probably talked about it a lot back then, so my family and friends got together and gave me one for my 40th birthday. It might sound a bit melodramatic, but it gave me a little bit of joie de vivre.

That’s so predictable about cycling, you’re always rewarded with a tailwind and descents, with beautiful landscapes and weather.

Super Orbiter:in Henrike

You named the VRX you won Chickpea – what’s the deal about that name?

I love chickpeas and I love this gravel bike. It puts a big smile on my face, which perhaps people who share the passion for cycling can understand, and this bike rolls over all surfaces as if it just gave a little giggle. In addition, the word sounds cheeky and sweet to me – fits.

What do you want to experience with the VRX this season?

I would like to ride Orbits – how many depends on the weekends when I don’t have my children. In summer we would like to ride through the Alps for a week, where I would like to climb and/or push my first passes with serpentines, the bike is also really easy to push (Timmelsjoch & Stilfser Joch).

Then there is a bikepacking holiday with 4 children between the ages of 8 and 13. We would like to cycle through Denmark, Sweden and then Germany for two weeks. Without Wifi – that will be the biggest challenge for the children, we grown-ups have mobile data..

Alpaca or Llama? Alpaca – it’s fluffy and usually does not spit at people…

Horse or gravel bike? Ever since I sat on a gravel bike for the first time: Gravel bike – on that one it’s my own fault if I fall off.

Which cake after the tour? Doesn’t matter as long as there’s cake!

Henrikes playlist for gravel adventures on her new VRX.

Would you also like to take part in the Orbit360 and conquer challenging gravel routes all over Germany (and Switzerland)? Then register now at orbit360.cc! The Orbit360 Gravel series takes place from June 4th to August 14th, 2022.

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