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Carpark Everesting Bad decisions make good stories

It may have been the middle of the off-season, but that wasn’t going to stop Raphael trying to pull off a pretty crazy stunt. While the rest of us were busy polishing off the last of the festive treats and snoozing on the sofa, the long-distance specialist used the otherwise-dull period between Christmas and New Year’s to attempt the world’s first Everesting of a car park. His partner-in-crime was Magnus Heller, better known to most as the brains behind the Roadbike Party YouTube channel. Unfortunately, their first attempt met an abrupt end. So, they organised an advance permit for their second attempt – to avoid being thwarted again in the middle of their historic endeavour.

Stuttgart- Stelvio: In one go !

What happens if we never turn around to head home, but just continue riding? If our legs keep on going – instead of resting on the couch, we keep rolling towards the horizon? Could we ride non-stop from VOTEC headquarters to one of the most iconic peaks in cycling history? Instead of endlessly thinking about it, we decided to just do it. In early September, a colourful group of us set off from Stuttgart and headed towards the Alps. The destination was the Stelvio, which just three weeks ago had turned the Giro upside down. Tackling this climb probably ranks highly on the to-do list of all bike racing fans.