Extra sausage, please, and lots of flare


Individuality includes the freedom of choice. To decide for yourself how and where you live, which profession you have, which form of sexuality you practice or – which bike you ride.

But where do you start and where do you stop? Is it the brand? The color? Or do you go the extra mile and even paint the frame? It does not get more individual. One of a kind.

Allroad. Hell Yes !

Sure, these 6 comma something carbon steeds are cool… but does it really make sense? For the average Joe, whose training condition is not on the level where his Tour de France material squeezes out the Marginal Gains. In return, comfort and safety are left behind (not thinking about how you feel on the downhill). Yes, those bikes still are eyecandy. But things get even better on bikes which don´t make your back hurt after 3 hours, or which don’t bust your 25 tires on a short gravel passage. The Votec VRC is just the bike we are talking about. Fast, snappy, but also fun for everyone. And not only limited to the asphalt.

Is Flare not written with …

In June 2019 a new bicycle festival celebrated its premiere in Heidelberg. As a triad of varied rides, a well-attended Expo and a colorful supporting program with delicacies and music, the Flare Bicycle Festival was primarily dedicated to bicycles with dropbars.


After the successful debut, hot bikes in Flare Custom Design should have been on the festival again in 2020. But then came… you know what…

But it’s not that easy to let such a project get bogged down. Votec and the Flare crew have already put together some successful rides in Heidelberg. The distances are short, the idea is quickly outlined, and so a naked VRC frame goes on its journey to be painted in Flare design.

Walter – is that you ?

The frame got its inspiration in the 80s, the time when rallying was really big. A theme, as if made for an allroad bike, the Quattros and BMWs of the era captivated with on- and off-road qualities.

A canvas made of carbon !

The color design successfully takes up the striking shape of the seat tube. The rear triangle is the highlight. You can literally feel it drifting around sharp corners, the rear end is drifting without losing control. The tire swirls gravel and dust to the side.

Material Check

The VRC Frame-Set in size XL was built with a Sram Force AXS group and Zipp 302 wheels. Rolling on 34mm WTB Byway tires. The rally racer is completed with Zipp components, saddle and handlebar tape come from Fizik.


Et voilà !

You can find all further information about the Flare Bike Festival on the Website or on Instagram.

Fotocredits: Falk Wenzel & Julius Paul

Text: Micha Ziegler

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