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You have always been looking for a good way to honor your special rides and capture those moments ? We are now happy to present the perfect solution for all VOTEC fans. Team VOTEC has teamed up with Epica.cc and created a VOTEC visual for you that provides the perfect frame for your adventures.

Hello Martin, Hello Christian, please introduce yourselves and tell us what you have created with EPICA.cc!

So, first of all about our product. The idea came to us during one of our Sunday bike rides in the south of Hamburg in the Harburg mountains, yes Hamburg also has a few smaller “mountains”.

Christian, had somehow noticed that city map motifs are often bought as decoration for the home or for stores, but these lacked any individualization. In addition, we both found the memory of sporting highlights in the form of medals, or unflattering finisher photos boring. So we set out to develop a product that would make it possible to transform sporting achievements into appealing visualizations. It was important to us that the visualizations look very cool, so that they also get the approval of the partner to be allowed to move in at home in framed form.

We complement each other very well, because Martin has years of experience in design and is mainly responsible for our visualizations and marketing, while Christian, as a product manager and trained computer scientist, can implement and further develop the product. The rest of the tasks we share.

We have numerous of other ideas that we would like to offer in the future with our product, but for now we are happy about the great collaboration with Votec, because we have noticed from the beginning that the values that Votec represents in the bicycle industry go very well with ours, that everyone should first of all have fun riding a bike.

We are very happy to  give all VOTEC fans and riders an innovative tool to turn their rides into a great visual. How does it all work ?

Super simple, log in, connect once to Strava or Garmin, select the last or any previous ride, and select the Votec design. In Votec Print we have two special features, via the “Edit” button you can add an image, which is directly converted into the characteristic Votec style, and furthermore the headline can be customized. Done! For a normal post choose the free social media variants. Here you can download the three common formats (1:1, 4:5 and 9:16). And then simply share as desired on Insta and Co.

But if it was a very special experience that you want to remember for a long time, just choose the printed version to buy. This will make the activity a lasting memory.  

What are your personal track suggestions to create the most epic visual possible? The nice thing is that you can have your ride printed as a poster as a souvenir.

The route and the fun of the ride should always be in the foreground. With the new Votec Visual you can get creative and just take cool photos and upload. Somewhat darker pictures, e.g. in the forest, are particularly suitable for creating the unmistakable Votec look. The headline should also always be written with love to reflect the story of the ride in the best possible way. It always depends what kind of track you have ridden, to make a one-line or two-line headline look cooler. If you want to have a little more influence on the visualization, plan your track actively. Long circuits always look cool or routes from A to B, e.g. prominent climbs with many switchbacks. Just play around a bit with your own activities and have fun !

Christian and Martin we thank you for the insights and info and look forward to many “epic” VOTEC x Epica visuals !

More information:

The new VOTEC x Epica visual is now available at EPICA.cc. Register and connect your Garmin or Strava Account. You can add your own image to the visual or leave it plain. We are of course very excited about the different variations that will be created. Tag and link us in your posts – among the first the first VOTEC x Epica posts we raffle 10 Votec bottle sets. Have fun trying them out !

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