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Driven by curiosity – the story behind the VOTEC VRC allroad bike

What do curiosity, the desire for inner peace and movement, and a certain weakness for understatement have to do with the creation of the VOTEC VRC? We look into these questions and above all the idea behind the VRC on a tour from Stuttgart through the Black Forest to the Hornisgrinde. And basically this tour will already tell us everything.


Celebrating your B-Roads

B-Roads have been a topic for us for some time now – and of course for us this term is closely linked to our allroad-bike, the VRC. It will be available as a frameset soon, but more on that shortly. A few weeks ago we presented our perspective on B-Roads and since then we’ve received numerous submissions about your B-Roads. We would like to share them with you here.

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On the Orbit360 with our Super Orbiter:in Henrike

Henrike won this year’s Super Orbiter:in challenge and with that a brand new VOTEC VRX. We asked her what motivated her to participate in the challenge, why she name her new VRX “Chickpea” and which adventures are waiting for the two of them this year.


Cycling for a good cause with the #rideFAR-challenge

Special times call for special actions: Starting March 5th, our VOTEC Teamrider and Orbit360 founder Raphael Albrecht launches the #rideFAR-challenge, for which the entry fee is a donation for a good cause. In a world where we are facing a global pandemic and now also a war in Europe, we want to show that cycling is social: Let’s ride for a reason!


Women technique training

Women can ride super bikes if they learn it from the right people! I always like to say to this: If a person rides particularly fast, it does not mean that he / she can ride well, it´s only a matter of a lot of power.


Carpark Everesting Bad decisions make good stories

It may have been the middle of the off-season, but that wasn’t going to stop Raphael trying to pull off a pretty crazy stunt. While the rest of us were busy polishing off the last of the festive treats and snoozing on the sofa, the long-distance specialist used the otherwise-dull period between Christmas and New Year’s to attempt the world’s first Everesting of a car park. His partner-in-crime was Magnus Heller, better known to most as the brains behind the Roadbike Party YouTube channel. Unfortunately, their first attempt met an abrupt end. So, they organised an advance permit for their second attempt – to avoid being thwarted again in the middle of their historic endeavour.


Extra sausage, please, and lots of flare

Individuality includes the freedom of choice. To decide for yourself how and where you live, which profession you have, which form of sexuality you practice or – which bike you ride.

But where do you start and where do you stop? Is it the brand? The color? Or do you go the extra mile and even paint the frame? It does not get more individual. One of a kind.