B-Roads – out on the roads not taken


For us, cycling has never been about the prestigious roads with perfect tarmac, but about the small back roads that lead you straight into an adventure. Show us your favorite “B-Roads” and win a VOTEC kit for your next adventure off the fine tarmac.

A few years ago the singer of the legendary band “Hot Water Music” Chuck Ragen published a book called “The Roads most taken” about the tour experiences of numerous indie and punk rock bands. It’s an anthology full of inspiration. Very similar to our anthology on last year’s Orbit360: when you flip through it, The Boat by Chuck Ragan really is the perfect soundtrack.

For VOTEC, cycling has never been about the “roads most taken”, prestigious passes, or grand tours. Cycling has always opened our eyes to details and, above all, it allows us to explore areas, to really experience them. And honestly, this is not done on the “roads most taken”, but on the “roads not taken”.

On these small side roads with potholes after the next bend, with their out-of-round radii and a tarmac that has seen much better times. Roads that show the cultural landscape in which they are embedded, because their pavement tells the story of local agriculture more accurately than the farmer next door.

On the Roads not taken you will be overtaken by a tractor and also the asphalt tells a lot about the local agriculture. Photo: Nils Laenger

For the knowing

Here, the past is not simply overwritten by a completely new surface. Rather, a patchwork quilt is created, which one can read like an open book if one travels with open eyes. Here, one still encounters people who also ride through the world with eyes wide open.

People who find beauty in imperfection and prefer to be away from the hustle. Here, you will be overtaken by a tractor and maybe now and then by someone who loves these gems as much as you do, but just has fresher legs. There’s no competition here, no peacocking, just a knowing smile.

“Cycling has always opened our eyes to details and, above all, it lets us explore areas, really experience them.”

Why do we write of this love, of these writhing uniques?

Photos: Nils Laenger

We at VOTEC believe that we are not alone with our love for B-Roads, as we call these roads. That is also why we have developed our all-road bike VRC. These B-Roads are exactly where it feels at home. It thrives for the stories of these roads, for their spirit and esprit.

Send us pictures of your B-Roads to info@votec.com (and also your perfect B-Road tour) or tag @votec_bikes and use the hashtag #votecbroads. Do you have a story to go with it? Even better. Let’s share this passion together.

We will raffle off a VOTEC cycling kit consisting of a jersey and bib shorts among all entries.

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