A ride around Prague


Special times require special actions. Also during the summer of 2020. We would have loved to present our new VRC Allroad to the bike press with bangs and trumpets as part of a nice launch event. But even if the restrictions had loosened somewhat during summer, rides in larger groups had unfortunately still been unthinkable.

Let´s go east

Each of you knows the saying with the mountain and the prophet and becoming creative has become anyway the credo of the last time. So without further ado, our VOTEC Mobil was loaded with test bikes and navigated east. Destination: one of the most beautiful cities in Europe – Prague. The popular online magazine Bikerumor has a branch there with its European representative Cory Benson.

Pivo or riding ?

Besides the prospect of a few tasty Pivos, a good opportunity to explore Prague’s backyard by bike and to give Cory a first impression of the new VRC.

The first few meters of our exploration were through the venerable walls of the Vyšehrad fortress and then along the Vltava River, leaving the city behind us heading south.

Cory had put together a short loop with a good mix of gravel, asphalt and dirt roads. Perfect terrain to get a feel for the VRC.

After a nice loop of a good 60 km, the city came back into view and with the rising summer temperatures, refreshment was needed.

One bike less…

Since Cory had immediately taken a liking to the VRC we had to be “forced” to take our journey back home with one bike less.

It is a road bike. Just one for any and all roads…


What Cory has experienced the following weeks on the VRC and what his impression and understanding of Allroad is can be read in his Bikerumor test article.

Pictures: Stephan Geiss

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