Get lost!

Where are you riding today? Around town? On smooth asphalt? Through your local forest?

It doesn’t really matter when you’re on the Votec VRC. Sure, there are umpteen gravel and road bikes with a few extra millimetres tyre clearance, but the VRC is an entirely different beast.

We decided to design a sportive all-road bike with none of the usual compromises.

Discover the new VRC

Design Innovation Award Winner

„The Votec VRC Pro is a modern racer with a classic look and sophisticated features that won’t hold it back even when the tarmac ends. Thanks to its generous tire clearances up to 35 mm (…) nothing will stop you from leaving the beaten track. One of the most striking features is the unique design of the seat post clamp (…) The endurance-oriented geometry offers composed, well-balanced handling and perfectly suits the bike’s intended field of application. The Votec VRC Pro scores with its unique design language and gives you the freedom to ride on different surfaces and it’s all available at a very fair price to boot!“ 

Design & Innovation Award Jury 2020


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